Puma Energy’s new online service platform, VIBE, offers mining industry customers the latest technology to assess hydrocarbon management maturity, deliver fuel solutions and cut operating costs.

VIBE’s online assessment tool benchmarks existing hydrocarbon management arrangements against global mining best practice, identifies gaps and offers immediate access to technical experts and suppliers to solve these issues.

This online platform is backed up with a consistently high level of client service that offers continual tracking of business savings and value add throughout the life of our contract with your company.

By offering access to practice leader forums, a knowledge library plus peer R&D opportunities, VIBE can also help you access and develop best practice hydrocarbon management solutions.

Puma Energy has partnered with leading mining sector asset-management advisors, The Red Button Group, to deliver VIBE.

What VIBE offers

Hydrocarbon management is a complex discipline. Success requires bringing the appropriate expertise plus the best in industry to help identify opportunities that add value to the business.

VIBE benefits include:

  • achieving considerable savings by calculating where the true value exists in your hydrocarbon management practices
  • benchmarking your hydrocarbon maturity against industry peers
  • identifying opportunities tailored to your operation
  • delivering continual tracking of business savings and value adding
  • providing access to leading experts and suppliers in the mining industry
  • delivering a consistently high level of client service throughout the life of a contract, with no peaks and troughs
  • sharing technical expertise, solutions and practices through the VIBE knowledge library, practice leader forums and R&D opportunities 

How does VIBE work? 

VIBE chart graphic

Puma Energy’s VIBE offers opportunities by identifying gaps, providing solution support plus a value-tracking process, backed by an online portal. It is built around six modules:

  • Self-Assessment Toolset - Input production information, responses to hydrocarbon management questions, and key costs including fuel consumption, operating, training and maintenance
  • Direct Expertise - Access to technical experts to implement tailored solutions quickly
  • Practice Leader Forum - Offers workshop sessions to share peer knowledge across industry
  • Business Value Tracking - Provides ongoing tracking of benefits and cost savings
  • Knowledge Library - Access to leading practice mining industry project solutions and plans
  • Research &Development - Opportunity to pool R&D spend on mutual industry problems

To find out more about VIBE and to start your site’s self-assessment process, get in touch on 1300 723 706 or [email protected]

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