Mining Fuel Supplier Fuelling Australian Mines

We offer adaptability through customising total Hydrocarbon solutions to fulfil your mine's requirements. We understand what's important to your industry.

Safety is paramount, as well as the constant imperative to drive costs down and how reliability of supply is fundamental for optimum efficiency. 

Accordingly, we’ve developed four pillars that we stand by when working with our clients in the mining industry here and around the globe. We are committed to:

  1. Fully integrated safety standards
  2. Fuel supply you can rely on
  3. Quality products and service
  4. Economically beneficial solutions

What We Do Differently

There are a number of ways we provide superior hydrocarbon solutions to our mining customers, including we:

  • Will listen to your needs and tailor a Total Fluid Management solution to suit your business
  • Offer enhanced fuels and diesel
  • Operate our own industry-leading transport fleet
  • Install, implement and monitor fuel management systems designed for maximum operational efficiency
  • Provide in-house design, build and engineering capabilities for your wet-stock management, helping you to manage your risk and working capital

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