Premium Diesel

At Puma Energy, we are passionate about performance diesel. We proudly provide top of the range diesel products at our petrol stations across Australia that work to protect your vehicle and maintain the cleanliness of your engine components.

Together with filtration experts, our team has developed a special range of high quality diesel products for our retail customers, to meet the demands of new age diesel engines.

Our premium diesel range is specially formulated to protect against corrosion and engine failure, maximise engine power and improve fuel economy – giving our customers more for their money and keeping their vehicles in peak condition, always performing at its best.

For our retail customers – Pumamax Diesel

We offer our Pumamax Diesel at every Puma Energy branded retail store in Australia. As one of the cleanest automotive diesels with low sulphur content on the market, Pumamax Diesel offers superior fuel economy, emits low levels of exhaust hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and helps to maintain excellent operational performance for your vehicle.

Which vehicles will benefit from premium diesel? 

Puma Energy's premium diesel products are suitable for all diesel-powered engines and equipment, including:

  • On-road and off-road vehicles
  • Industrial, agricultural and military applications
  • High-speed diesel engines – passenger cars, SUVs, trucks and buses
  • Heating equipment and power generation.

Get the best for your car, head to your nearest Puma Energy to enjoy our premium diesel range today. 

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