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Puma Energy Australia Charity

The Starlight Children’s Foundation

Puma Energy partners with the starlight children's foundation to help sick children.

Every minute of every day a child is admitted to hospital in Australia. This experience is often scary, stressful and lonely for the child and their family. The Puma Energy team recognises the positive impact mental and social wellbeing has on alleviating those feelings and on improving overall physical health.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation works to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families by helping them to forget their illness and rediscover the joys of childhood.

At Puma Energy, we are committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate and are proud to partner with the Foundation to offer sick children a welcome break.

Smartphones for Smiles

Smartphones for smilesDonate your used smartphones to Starlight at a participating Puma Energy petrol station in South East Queensland from now until the end of January and help brighten the lives of seriously sick kids.

On average, even an older model used smartphone such as an iPhone 5 is valued at around $39, which is enough to brighten the hospital experience for one child with Starlight's programs.

So every handset counts! 

Powered by Puma Energy, Frank Mobile and Nova, the aim is to collect 1,000 used smartphones this December and January to raise over $39,000 to help sick kids.

How to donate your smartphone?

  1. Retrieval – Dig into your drawers and blow the dust off your used smartphones and remove any account locks. Please ensure you have removed your personal account from your smartphone and reset to factory settings before donating. Account removal/reset steps are found in your phone’s settings.
  2. Drop off - Visit your nearest participating Brisbane Puma Service Station, fill in some basic details and the attendant will store your device in secure collection box.
  3. Collection - Starlight’s mobile partner Frank Mobile, will collect devices throughout December and January.
  4. Processing - At their Brisbane head office, Frank Mobile completely data wipes phones as per compliance regulations, evaluates and values the collected used smartphones.
  5. Payment – The total value of all used smartphones is reconciled at the end of the campaign and on behalf of all partners, distributed Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Your privacy is paramount. Therefore, all phones go through certified data clearing process (above a factory reset) to ensure absolute data destruction.

Want to help Puma Energy support The Starlight Children’s Foundation?

If you would like to get involved in Puma Energy’s Starlight activities, or donate, email the Puma Energy Australia Charity Committee at AustralianCharityCommittee@pumaenergy.com