As a global energy company we are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities.

Puma Energy engages in sustainable practices and continually seeks new technology, practices and refinements in order to minimise adverse impacts on our local environments and communities.

We acknowledge that emission of greenhouse gases is a major global challenge and we support policies that address climate change in our communities. We use energy-efficient equipment whenever possible and use renewable fuel where economically viable. We also help our customers, many of whom are in major energy-consuming industries such as railways, road haulage and mining, to reduce their fuel usage.

Our corporate commitment is to lower greenhouse gas emissions through the advancement of alternative fuels such as biodiesel wherever we can. Biodiesel is low carbon, biodegradable and emits 92% fewer greenhouse gases than petroleum-derived diesel. We have been making Bio-D available to Australian retail customers since 2006 and were one of the first Australian fuel retailers to develop and promote biodiesel in Australia.

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