Puma Energy Australia brands its first reseller

11 Nov rss print

Puma Energy, Australia's largest independent fuel operator, officially opened its first fully branded reseller service station in October, adding to its six rebranded stations that opened earlier this year.

The launch of its first branded reseller site marked a milestone for the business, as new resellers see the opportunities of aligning themselves with Puma Energy's strong retail and commercial network.

Puma Energy Australia's General Manager Ray Taylor said the opening of these first seven sites marked the beginning of a 12-month roll out plan to rebrand up to 200 sites across Puma Energy's Australian retail network.

"We will be branding our stores across Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales, with our first newly built flagship store opening in December in Calliope, Queensland," Mr Taylor said.

Mr Taylor said Puma Energy's diverse network of assets and backing by global trading giant Trafigura would bring meaningful competition to Australia's industry and an alternative for customers from other fuel operators that have been dominating the market.

"It's important to us that our customers understand we are uniquely independent and customer-focused and we offer a competitive product, bring innovation to the market and offer them more than what they're used to," he said.

Reseller owner Suman Dandu said the Puma Energy model and branding provided him with a great opportunity to grow his business.

“Puma Energy's strengths and core values will make us more competitive in this sector, and we are very excited to join the team and be a part of the journey towards sustained excellence and continued success," Mr Dandu said.