Puma Energy completes Mackay Fuel Terminal

31 Dec rss print

As part of Puma Energy's commitment to bring more competition to the Australian fuel market, we opened our first newly-constructed fuel terminal in Mackay, Queensland in 2014.

The fuel terminal in Mackay has improved Australia's import and fuel storage capabilities and has helped us to ensure our customers in regional Queensland have all of their fuel supply needs met.

Boasting six storage tanks with 56 megalitres of storage capacity and joined to the Port by a dedicated overground pipeline of 1.6 kilometres, the Mackay fuel terminal ensures supply security and provides much-needed competition to central and north Queensland.

Project overview

Name: Puma Energy Mackay Fuel Terminal
Location: Port of Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Cost: $70 million
Construction timeframe: 14 months (March 2013 – May 2014)
Storage capacity: 56 megalitres
Service area: Mackay, Central Queensland, Bowen Basin

Terminal facts:

  • Four 10 megalitre tanks of diesel (22.5m wide x 27m tall)
  • One 10 megalitre tank of enhanced diesel or diesel (22.5m wide x 27m tall)
  • One 6 megalitre tank of ULP (20m wide x 22m tall)
  • 1.6km overground pipeline from the wharf to the tank farm
  • Fuel Loading Gantry to accommodate B-double tanker trucks
  • Capable of 24/7 operations.

If you live in Mackay, or will be passing through the area, choose Puma Energy for all your fuel needs. To see where else we have fuel stations and service centres, take a look at our locations.